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Almond Crackle Cookie – Florence Hertzman

Frozen Chocolate Cake  – Juana Sleizer

Mandel Bread – Karen Sanders

Pie – Non-roll Pie Dough & Blueberry Pie – Brenda Conway

Pound Cake – Gwen Orriell

Rugalech – Florence Hertzman

Nora Freund

Vegan & Vegetarian

3 Tin Soup – Elaine Genesove

Balsamic Roasted Beat Salad – Paula Rabkin

Broccoli Casserole – Shellie Specter

Broth – Florence Hertzman

Celery Salad – Annie Tencer

Corn & Black Bean Salad  – Shellie Specter

Cottage Cheese Pancakes – Elaine Genesove

Fast Humus – Kailah Rubin

Granola – Judi Urowitz

Lentil Soup From Lisa – Karen Sanders

Mango Date Charoset – Paula Miller

Mushroom Lentil “Meatloaf” – Gwen Orriell

Peasah Casserole  – Shellie Specter

Persian Charoset – Paula Miller

Rice Vegetable Dish – Kailah Rubin

Sweet Potato Chickpea BBQ Burger – Gwen Orriell

Passover  – 

Chocolate Chip Cookies – Shellie Specter

Fish Cakes Sauce – Shellie Specter

Gefilte Fish Baked in 3 Layers – Florence Hertzman

Gefilte Fish in the Microwave – Karen Sanders

Mango Date Charoset – Paula Miller

Matza Toffee – Shellie Specter

Matzah Walleye Cakes – Shellie Specter

Pancakes – Shellie Specter

Peasah Casserole  – Shellie Specter

Peasah Granola – Shellie Specter

Persian Charoset – Paula Miller


Passover Resources:

Haggadah Supplement 2020 – Rabbinical Assembly

Haggadot.com – Make Your Own Haggadah

Haggadot.com Blog

How to Kasher Your Kitchen for Passover – Jewish Theological Seminary

Jewish Museum Shop – New York

Open Box Matzah Holder Page 1    and  Page 2 –  Design By Haya Nativ March 2004 Meeting

Passover Guide 2021 –  With Permission from Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda Toronto

Seder for Two

Shopping List

YouTube – A Seder made to order – The Rabbinical Assembly




10 Hamantashen Recipes from Jamie Geller  – Judi Urowitz

Bubby Goldberg’s Hamentaschen 2021 – Marilyn Levy

Chabad Hamentashen – Paula Rapkin

Chocolate Filling – Shellie Specter

Dorothy’s Hamantashen Dough – Shellie Specter

Fruit Filling – Shellie Specter

Haman’s Hats – Paula Miller

 HamantaschenDough & Fillings   – Florence Hertzman

Orejas de Haman/Oznei Haman/Haman’s Ears – Paula Miller

Peanut Butter Fudge Filling – Shellie Specter

Pizza Hamantaschen from Jamie Geller – Judi Urowitz



Jewish Food Society


Power Hungry