So Much Going On

Sacred Stitches

The Pomegranate Guild is delighted to be participating in the exhibition, Sacred Stitches: Beauty and Holiness in the Needlework of Many Faiths, from October 24 – November 2 at St. James Cathedral. We will be exhibiting the Bigdei Ha’Kohen Ha’gadol, as well as several mezuzot that were part of our exhibition. In addition, there will be Judaic textile work submitted by individuals, some of whom are also Guild members.

An article in The Star describing the display says “Other pieces in the exhibit are textiles different faiths use in birth, marriage or death ceremonies. There’s a delicate christening gown of handmade lace that’s been worn by several generations of the same family, and a wimple, a Jewish ceremonial textile embroidered with a mother’s hopes and prayers for her son, that’s about 400 years old.”

Toronto Holocaust Education Week
 The Guild is co-sponsoring a screening of “through the Eye of the Needle” as part of Toronto Holocaust Education Week.

Through the Eye of the Needle
HEW flyer 2013 film

Melanie Siegel

Last, but certainly not least, Guild member Melanie Siegel is participating in what looks to be a gorgeous show and sale in Cambridge, ON.


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