Dress Codes: Revealing the Jewish Wardrobe

Dress Codes at the Israel Museum is “a new Israel Museum exhibit [that] explores the roots of fashion in Jewish traditional clothing around the world from the 18th through the 20th centuries. Click the link for a sampling of the riches on view – we can’t copy the pictures for you. The exhibit is open until October 25, so for members travelling to Israel, put this on your “must see” list! Thank you, Paula, for bringing this to our attention.

Fabulous Felting Fun in February

rainbow fleeceAnna reports: With illness overtaking our scheduled guest artist, our own Melanie Siegel, artist and Exhibits Chairperson, stepped in on a moment’s notice to provide an exciting programme for the evening. And what fun it was!

Melanie introduced us to a technique of felting bracelets and then demonstrated the process. She created a basic form with neutral fleece, by wrapping it around her hand and securing the wrap with wool yarn. Then, layers and layers of exotic colours of our choice wrapped round and round the form.

All members got busy immediately, wrapping and wrapping and wrapping. Then we dipped our hands in water and mild soap. We rolled the bracelet between our hands, feeling it firm up as the felting process proceeded. What quick workers Guild members are: in an hour we completed what is often a 3-hour process. We set our bracelets aside to dry and imagined the embellishment we might later do with beading.

Once the drying started, Melanie also taught us how to felt beads out of the fleece wool. Then, by rolling the fleece in a bamboo mat, she demonstrated how we could make snake-like shapes –  to add a Rastafarian look to our hairdos? Finally, Melanie shared with us her love of her new felting machine.

How lucky we are to have such a talented, creative and imaginative member as Melanie in our group! She is truly a Pomegranate treasure. Thank you, Mel.

“Colour and Texture are my Inspiration”

Juana_Sleizer_library-150x185The work of Guild member Juana Sleizer, Textures – Tapestry Exhibition, is being featured for the entire month of March at Mimico Centennial Library.

This is the third year that Juana’s work has been selected by the Toronto Public Library for exhibition in one of its branches.

The library is located at  47 Station Road, Toronto, M8V 2R1. The closest major intersection is Lake Shore Blvd. West and Royal York Road. The library is located on southeast corner of Stanley Street and Station Road.  

TPL Announcement
Mimico Centennial Branch Information

Juana Sleizer invites all Guild members to come and visit the exhibition. She does remind us that this exhibition is hung in the mezzanine area of the library and there is no elevator at this site.