Jewish Treasures of the Caribbean

Dorion invites us:
Please join us at Beth Tzedec Museum on Thursday, March 26th at 7:30pm  to meet and hear Wyatt Gallery (a person) who is the photographer of the exhibition, JEWISH TREASURES OF THE CARIBBEAN. We also expect representatives from some of the Caribbean islands.
Entry to the building through the back doors off the parking lot at the security booth.
Jewish Treasures of the CaribbeanMarch 9 through April 24, come see our newest exhibit, Jewish Treasures of the Caribbean, a travelling exhibition by photographer Wyatt Gallery capturing the little-known history of the Sephardic Jews of the Caribbean. and continuing through April 24. To book a tour, contact museum curator Dorion Liebgott at 416-781-3514 ext. 232.

Celebrate: the holidays with Laya Crust

Anna Vandelman reports on our January and February meetings:

JANUARY: If you were lucky enough to come out to our meeting on Wednesday January 21st, you would feel well prepared to devote your artistry to Passover.

Laya Crust, our talented, amazingly creative Artist-in-Residence took us through a review of the experience of the Exodus, showing us along the way how the themes and rituals of the story inspire creative responses. Slavery and freedom, burning bushes, plagues, sacrifices and matzah can all be interpreted – in art in general and textile art in particular. Haggadot through the ages have added and altered the text and illustrations to speak to contemporary communities.

Since the Seder is a family and community meal, table linens, cushions, matzah and afikoman covers can all be part of an artful celebration. Guild members shared some of their special preparations and programs. Susan Rosenstein includes a map of the exodus in the middle of the table, Anna Vandelman’s guests have played Passover Jeopardy, and Marilyn Levy has made special plague memory aids to help everyone participate.

Laya’s resource notes are available to members on the Members’ page of this website.

FEBRUARY: Bad weather (at least on Pomegranate Guild Wednesdays) has been a theme for us this season! Once again on a dark and dismal Wednesday evening February 18th, Guild Artist-in-Residence Laya Crust helped warm and brighten the night for us. Using her very special megillah as a specific example, Laya led us through a discussion of key aspects to fulfilling a commission.

In the first part of the evening, we talked about the need to merge creative ideas with business sense to successfully complete a commission. We discussed the usefulness of logbooks and spreadsheets to record time and materials. We also talked about the intangible costs and benefits related to working for close friends and relatives, demanding clients, working in new (for us) media. And we found that successful work often comes of establishing a good relationship with a client.

In the second part of the program, Laya took us through the specific process of creating a commissioned illuminated Megilat Esther. She sourced materials and techniques, sketched and practiced, and then scribed and illuminated a ten and a half foot scroll. It contains 32 lavish illustrations rendered in 16th C. Persian style. The original piece is written on parchment using historically authentic tools and painted in gouache. The Megillah has been reproduced in a limited edition series.

What an illuminating evening!

Engineering and Design Students Collaborate on Image Transfer Megillat Esther

We hope you all had a festive Purim last week.
Maybe next year you will read from a textile Megiilat Esther

Follow the link to a story about an engineering and design collaboration to see a machine embroidered (actually, knitted) Megillat Esther and a short discussion of the themes that the creative team considered in its production.

Thanks to Laya Crust for this link!